Hertburn Ticket - Heart Valley Springs
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Hertburn Ticket

Approaching soon is the time to gather our friends and flames during this 5 day event with art, music, fire, and all the magic we can bring to bear. This year's theme is playground!

This gathering is for anyone who has built up a heart, burned it down, and built it again.
❤️‍Bring your art and your heart.
❤️‍Bring your friends and your deepest wishes.  
❤️‍Bring something special to share.

Expect art, food, community, and wonder. The event space has running water, flush toilets, showers, a spring-fed lake, and electricity at many sites.

You will have the opportunity to stay in a bell tent. We only have 10 tents available. Tent rental includes having the tent set up when you arrive, effortless departure, a bed, and a power supply. All you have to do is bring your bedding, a cooler, and your clothes. Then when the weekend is over, just gather your belongings and go. No pack out!

Limited first round tickets will be available for $140 and prices will go up in early august to $180. Get your tickets today!

We have limited space for cars, so please carpool. To ensure we can accommodate all the vehicles that arrive, each vehicle will be required to have a parking pass. We have the same number of parking passes as parking spaces, so please only purchase one if you know you're driving your car.

It’s harvest season at the campground, and there will be nature hikes and foraging opportunities all around. We can have a food preservation workshop if there's desire

Free for kids 13 and under with continuous parental supervision. Keep pets, fireworks, and firearms at home.

Ice and firewood are available for sale on site 2-4pm each day.

Everyone is welcome at this event whom has someone to vouch for them. The HVS vouching policy is that anyone who has been here may invite others they vouch for. The person being vouched for causes a significant issue, the person who vouched for them will not be invited back. Help us keep our community safe by bringing respectful, consent-minded friends to our events.

Interested in volunteering?  A sign up opportunity will be available after you purchase you tickets. Refund window closes 2 weeks prior to gate. Tickets are non-transferrable.

We can't wait to burn with you all. ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

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Firewood $10.00

Stay in a bell tent $300.00

Parking Pass $10.00

Ice Bag Voucher $5.00