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Summer Wish Admission

Pack your wishes! The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most phenomenal astrological events of the year, and we have got one of the darkest skies around, making this the perfect place to watch the meteor shower peak. Admission includes camping from Thursday, August 12th to Sunday August 15th.

The ticket price includes admission for one and camping at any site on a first come first served basis.

Community Healing is part of the intent of this event. These funds will go toward paying practitioners to help lead you through group healing practices scheduled for the weekend. This also allows us to offer communal breakfasts (vegan, with bacon on the side) for those participating, allowing you to focus on your own path while providing a touchpoint to connecting with those around you. See more information on the practitioners and the schedule of events below.

Additionally, healers of a number of modalities will be present. Come out and get a massage, try a reiki session, learn to walk on fire, and feel the vibes of a sound healing session, you can add these experiences to your admission.

Members: your admission price will carry your regular discount. All additional services will not be discounted as it goes directly to the practitioners we're bringing in.

Of note, for those participating in the community healing portion of events, only one ticket can be purchased per transaction. If you're looking to purchase more than one that includes the community healing portion of the event, please make individual orders so that the healers funds line up. Thank you.

Community Healing Schedule of Events

Friday: Acknowledgement and welcome, meteors


7a Morning Meditation

8a Morning Movement

9a Communal breakfast

10a Welcome and intention setting, initial group practices

  • Breathwork
  • Sound healing
  • Guided Meditation

11-2 unstructured time / individual sessions

2p-4p Land connection ceremony

4p unstructured time

7p Community Potluck Meal

8p Firewalk training starts

9p Music and Meteors


7a Morning Meditation

8a Morning Movement

9a Communal breakfast

10a Thank you and closing

A few of our practitioners:

Jane Justice

Petra Sliwiak

Hannah Friedman

Carrie Drapac

Joe Sulak

Schedule subject to change.

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$55.00 +



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Community Healing $30.00

Firewalk Training $35.00

Sound Healing Session $10.00

Reiki Session $10.00

Massage Session $10.00

Breathwork Session $10.00

SourcePoint Therapy Session $60.00

Numerology Chart & Reading $30.00

Accupuncture/Accupressure $10.00

Guasha/Tuina Session $10.00