How exciting! This is your official invitation to become a member of Heart Valley Springs. You are a valuable part of our community. We’d love for you to be an active participant in events at the campground, keeping the space alive while enjoying the literal fruits of our collective labor. You do not have to have to be a member to camp here, membership offers you perks, discounts, and input to shape our direction. Here are the benefits of being a member:

  • Free Camping included in every membership
  • Discounted camping stays beyond the package you choose
  • First dibs on campsites, especially useful on holiday weekends
  • Members-only events
  • Actively helping to sustain and grow this nature space for our community
  • Participate in democratic discussions regarding how the space grows and develops
  • Access to our invite-only space.
  • As we build in to a more permanent community, you’ll be among the founding members

Free camping is included every month in each membership type. If you want to stay longer, you get a members-only rate on our lodging fees. Electrified sites are $50 for non-members, but you can stay for just $30 a night!

Each membership stay includes access for you, one additional adult, and up to three minors related to the member. Additional people are $10/night or $5/day pass. Michigan campground regulation law states “one primary camping shelter and one tent are allowed per site (exception: children may occupy up to two tents on the same site as their parents or guardians).” See the rules and regulations for more details.

Important note: We use a vouch system. We have really cool friends, and our friends have really cool friends too! Members and invitees may bring people they vouch for. If a person you vouch for causes a problem, great or small, you are responsible for helping us fix it. Both you and your guest will face the the repercussions, up to and including being banned from returning to Heart Valley Springs. Sustainability is very important to us, whether we’re growing raspberries or community. Please bring your favorite people here!

How your membership dues are used

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This season we will be operating from Memorial Day weekend through the end of September. (5/27-9/30).

By filling out the form below, you have the opportunity to customize your membership, choosing the perks that that suit you best.

A Note About Financial Accessibility While we do require funds to keep this place running, we do not want money to be a major obstacle for you to spend time with us here. You’ve been invited here because we love you, we trust you, and we want to share space with you. If you’d prefer to make monthly payments, or if you’d like to discuss a community-funded membership, let’s talk! As you can see above, our budget includes a fund to offset the costs for some of our members. Let’s share the wealth!

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Payment plans are available. Reach out here to find out more