Witchy Weekend - Heart Valley Springs
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Witchy Weekend

Are you looking to begin or deepen your practice? Join others in our community as we come together to learn and share. Camp out under the stars while the Orionids meteor shower streaks overhead. We will gather together to discuss relevant topics, as well as dream about what more of these events will look like.

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Arrival, greetings, settling in, watch for meteors



Guided Forest Foraging Walk

After everyone's had time to wake up and get a little something to eat, we will take a guided walk through the forest where we will gather serenity and smudge stick making materials.


Class: Magickal Crafts: Container Candles, Smudge Sticks, Cleansing Sprays

For this session, we will be spending a cozy afternoon in the lodge working on three crafts often used in Magick: candles, smudge sticks, and cleansing sprays with focus on using local/accessible materials. This workshop will begin with a discussion of fundamental magick concepts and process demonstration.  Breakout sessions will follow for each participant to make their own product of each of the three crafts.  While all materials will be provided, please feel free to bring any favorite cleansing herbs for smudge sticks, essential oils for sprays and a special container (not more than 10oz) for candle making.

Class: Elemental Energies in Tarot

Blackberry will lead a discussion and guided meditation on elemental energy, focusing on the elemental qualities of symbols that appear commonly in Tarot. While the activity is aimed at beginners with little to no familiarity with tarot and the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, it should also provide more experienced folks with a chance to deepen their connection with the elements in tarot and share their experiences to help others."

Unstructured Time/General Discussion



Class: Pulling Down The Moon

In this evening session, we will be casting a circle and pulling down the moon to charge ourselves, our moon water and magical objects.  We will gather to begin creating the elements of our circle one hour before sun down.  Please bring any elemental objects you’d like for each of the four corners ( fire, earth, water, air), jar for making moon water and any other items you’d like to be charged with the power of the moon.  


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