Hannah Friedman - Massage Therapist, Writer, Community Organizer - Heart Valley Springs
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Hannah Friedman - Massage Therapist, Writer, Community Organizer

Modalities: Trauma-informed Massage Therapy Guided Meditation

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Trauma-informed Massage Therapy

You'll begin by setting intentions and discussing your goals and boundaries for the massage. During the session itself, you may receive deep tissue, gentle relaxation massage, or focused work that targets a specific area of pain. Trauma-informed massage recognizes that physical and emotional healing are deeply interconnected. During this time, you'll be invited (but not obligated!) to process the way your body stores feelings of every kind.

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Guided Meditation

Based on your intake conversation, Hannah will offer you a few options for guided meditations. You may choose to focus on breathing, body awareness, or a cinematic adventure through your internal landscape.

Bio: Hannah is a massage therapist, a writer, and a community organizer. She approaches all these passions as healing modalities. She also loves camping, improv baking, and terrible puns.

As a massage therapist, Hannah works primarily with trauma survivors and LGBTQIA+ clients. Her work empowers people to define what healing means to them in a deeply personal way. She is an expert in anatomy, but you are an expert in you.

Credentials: Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Illinois

Experience: 7 years

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Racial, Ethnic, and/or National identity: Queer, white, Jewish

Website: thebreathenetwork.org/hannah-friedman

Website: khannahfriedman.medium.com/

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