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Petra Sliwiak - Holistic Health Practitioner

Modalities: Breathwork, Movement, Mantras, Sound Healing, Public Speaking, Thai Massage

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Releasing and Resetting Patterns

Through a variety of different modalities I help people release negative subconscious patterns and help to replace them with powerful Self healing techniques.

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Creating A Deeper Connection

For many years I have helped couples bring back the spark they felt at the beginning of their relationships. I teach people to reconnect energetically, hold space for each other and release attachments to any resentments that may have formed over the years. This works for the family unit and well as friendships.

Bio: Greetings beauty full Beings, my name is Petra. I am originally from Berlin Germany but have spent my life living and studying holistic healing methods with doctors, shamans, therapists and alternative health practitioners around the world. As with most people I've experienced my share of both physical and emotional trauma in life. In my youth I was sexually abused which took years to overcome, but that process gave me the wisdom to help others ready to release the negative energies which come from such experiences. I've learned that no amount of pharmaceutical drugs will ever help us completely heal. Whether it's anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia or the myriad of other issues we may be experiencing from any form of trauma, the only way out is to first go within. I have dedicated my life to helping those who are ready to take control of their healing instead of depending on outside sources.

Philosophy: The German word for breath is derived from the Sanskrit word for Soul or Life Force Energy. This means that all of our personal power lies within our breath. Unfortunately most people have little or no conscious connection with their breathing. It is something we do without thinking until we find ourselves "out of breath". Conscious breathing or breathwork is the key to creating a successful healing practice and maintaining our health throughout our lifetime and is the first thing I teach to students interested in the Self healing process. It is responsible for our emotional healing as movement is responsible for our physical healing and sound is responsible for our mental health. I firmly believe total healing must include the Mind Body & Spirit techniques or we can easily loose balance and fall back into old patterns.

Credentials: Over 20 years of practical experience

Experience: Close to 30 years

Pronouns: she/her/hers


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